Examination of Workroom

Examination of Workroom/Knotted Environment, Installation, braided cotton cord of various size, 2015
From left to right: H9'xW8'; (screen) H9'xW5'; (back wall) H9'x9'; (side wall) H9'xW8'

The idea of an artist, "studio" is fascinating. The traditionally four square/rectangular walls of white are on one hand exciting and on the other anxiety inducing. My installations respond and question the spaces of previously defined lines within built environments. Here, I expand upon the sterile-ness of the SAIC studio -- using the studio's "bones" as an armature off which to build knotted forms. The elaborate webs and new walls materialize as an invasion of an otherwise authoritarian space. In this way, this installation asks fundamental questions about the artists place, function, and broader respeonsibility within the built environment. 

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